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Translator Reija Becks at your service

I translate...

  • from English to Finnish and from Finnish to English
  • from French to Finnish

I am a...

I have extensive experience of translating books and documents from various fields. I also have experience in subtitling.

My clients include publishing houses, companies, associations as well as private persons.

You can view the list of the books I have translated by clicking this link The National Bibliography of Finland.

Some topics of my translations:

Agreements, animals, appliance manuals, audiovisual translations, biographies, biology, birds, medicine (e.g. medical certificates), card games, card tricks, certificates, children’s books and games, Christian topics, codicils, commerce, commercial treaties, computers, cooking, course materials for educational institutions, CVs, DVD subtitles, economy, employment contracts, empowering photography, fiction, financial statements, general upper secondary school certificates, history, James Bond, knots, magic tricks, maintenance agreements, matriculation examination certificates, missionary work, ornithology, parenting, popular science, prenuptial agreements, psychology, school reports, strategy papers, subtitles, testimonials, theology, web pages, vocational high school diplomas, vocational qualification certificates, zoology, etc.

New topics are welcome. The opportunity to constantly learn something new is one of the things that makes translation a fascinating profession.

How to Proceed

Please contact me and let me know the following details of the text you would like to have translated:

  • the topic
  • the length of the text, i.e. the number of words, if possible. (The word count tool of Microsoft Word will be handy.)
  • the purpose of the translation
  • how soon you can deliver the original text to me
  • the date by which the translation must be ready. As quality translations do not spring up in the blink of an eye, please try to allocate a good amount of time for the translation process. Responsible translators are very pleased, when they have enough time to get well acquainted with a new topic and its terminology.

If you can send an extract of the text or a copy of the whole text, I would be happy to give you a free, non-obligation quote for your translation project.

Please get in touch »

The Cost of Translation

Translation prices are determined by the difficulty and the length of your original text, as well as your schedule. The cost is usually 0.10 – 0.25 €/word. The minimum cost is 30 €. In general, the charge is based on the number of words, but the fees for larger-scale translation projects can be agreed on a case-by-case basis. The rates for more extensive translation projects can be lower. All payments are negotiable.

The prices include the translation and the potential one-time changes that the client may wish to do for the ready translation.

The client will receive the ready translation by email, unless we agree on another arrangement.

The VAT will be added to the price, if the client lives in Finland, or if the client lives in EU, but does not have a VAT number.


The clients are usually experts in their own special fields of work and know the terminology of their profession. Consequently, cooperation with the translator can prove fruitful, and the client is, for example, very welcome to inform the translator about the special terminology required in the translation, or to provide the translator with other resources that include special terminology needed in the text. This may speed up the translation process, which can usually be taken into account in pricing.

Native Finnish speaker

As my native language is Finnish, I may use native English-speaking professionals to proofread my translations from Finnish to English, if needed.

Proofreading in Finnish

Proofreading involves checking your Finnish text for grammatical and spelling errors. Fluent and appropriate use of the Finnish language enhances the readability of your message. A text that is grammatically correct and effortless to read speaks of quality, reliability, and professionalism.

Proofreading your Finnish text is important when…

  • Finnish is not your native language, and you need to make sure that your text is written in proper and fluent Finnish
  • you are not a professional in the Finnish language and want to have the grammar, spelling, and style of your text checked
  • you want to make sure that the text translated into Finnish is grammatically correct and written in an appropriate style.

Please feel free contact me and let me know the word count of the text that needs to be proofread. You can easily find out the number of words in your text by using the word count tool of Microsoft Word. Please also state the purpose of the text and when you are able to deliver the text to be proofread. Furthermore, let me know the date by which the proofreading must be done. I would be happy to give you a free quote for the work.

0.03 - 0.06 €/word
or 23 €/hour
The minimum fee is 30 €

The VAT will be added to the price, if the client lives in Finland, or if the client lives in EU, but does not have a VAT number.

Contact information

Databexit Oy, Reija Becks | Osuuskunnantie 100 C 3 | FI-00660 Helsinki, Finland | info@databexit.fi | Telephone: +358505844789 | Business ID: FI-0987032-8